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    Is Bed Rest  Mandatory After Bed Rest?


    Whether bed rest after embryo transfer is necessary & for how long is still an issue of debate. Currently there is no documented evidence as to whether bed rest or continuing normal activities following the procedure makes a difference in the outcome.

    It is well known that exercise reduces inflammation, lowers stress hormone levels and promotes healthy blood flow to the organs.

    When IVF first started patients were rested flat on their backs for 24 hours. Subsequently ET became an outpatient procedure with most women having only a few minutes rest. Studies have shown that there has been favorable pregnancy rest despite the patients being allowed to get up immediately after the transfer. Even 24 hrs of bed rest after the IVF despite being common practice, did not help women.

    In fact studies have shown that if a woman walks about after the ET, there are favorable chances of getting pregnant. In fact  at a few places- American Society for Reproductive Medicine might consider practice guidelines that recommend physicians discourage bed rest.

    Some physicians encourage their patients to rest for 24 hours while others suggest returning to normal activities as soon as possible. Similarly some patients choose to rest because they think by doing so they will improve their chances of getting pregnant.

    Also additional rest gives them an opportunity to think about the potential baby. Others elect to return to normal activities to help them avoid worrying about things that could go wrong. In fact together with counselling, it is the state of your body & mind which helps you to decide the course of action.

    Dr Vandana Bhatia 

    Sr. Consultant  ( Shvas newsletter)    

    Visit:Dr. Sonia Malik (DGO, MD FICOG,FIAMS) Programme Director, Southend Fertility & IVF Centre- Holy Angels Hospital

    President- Indian Fertility Society


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