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  • Case Study at Stembrella

    Case Study: Stembrella

    Female Child / 5 years old

    This Indian NRI couple’s daughter was 4 years old when she was diagnosed with a severe autism spectrum disorder (Asperger syndrome). The development paediatrician told them there was no cure for their daughter’s condition.


    The girl was 5 years of age when she came to the clinic and it was observed that she couldn’t express her needs to her parents, had poor communication skills, had major outbursts and couldn’t relate to other children or adults.


    Stembrella came up with a comprehensive autism treatment program for her.

    In nearly 3-4 weeks, the parents noticed that she had faster responses and more awareness of her surroundings. Gradually, there was a decline in her tantrums and a noticeable growth in the range of her interests. Her pronunciation and vocabulary also improved significantly.



    ** Stembrella team has found significant positive outcomes after treatment, in other untreatable conditions as well. Notably, there are confidence inspiring results in cases of Down Syndrome, ADHD and NotvHypoxic Cerebral Palsy in children, Diabetic Retinopathy (blindness due to Diabetes), Uveitis, Vitiligo (Discolouration of skin), and Psoriasis (chronic skin scaling) and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

    * Results of treatment may vary from patient to patient depending on, factors such as age, complexity of ailments etc.


    Contact: Dr Ashish Verma  at Stembrella  -Holy Angels Hospital



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